Human Patient Simulator

MedFlight has purchased the METI Emergency Care Stimulator (ECS) training mannequin. This emergency care simulator provides the opportunity for advanced training in trauma and critical care patient care. The METI Emergency Care Simulator represents the latest simulation technology for training clinicians at all levels of medical education. Sophisticated mathematical models of human physiology and pharmacology automatically determines the patients’ response to user actions and interventions. With dynamic coupling of the cardiovascular, pulmonary and pharmacological models along with the physical embodiment of the mannequin, the ECS allows for the complete characterization of an adult patient.

The ECS is used to train in-house medical crews on cutting edge technology and advanced treatment of acute medical conditions. The Education Center created a virtual lab at the Columbus base headquarters to assist in the training of in-house medical crews, outside EMS, and other agencies. MedFlight has also created a mobile education truck that will bring the simulation training to your location.

If you are interested in having the simulator for training, please fill out our Education Event Request Form and someone from the Education Center will get back to you.