MedFlight was founded in 1995 and is a not-for-profit company with a mission to care for and transport the critically ill and injured. Our vision of being the primary provider of critical care transportation in Ohio is accomplished by our excellent partners.

“Partners for Life” is more than a slogan at MedFlight. It takes shape in the special skills we use every day to do our jobs well. It’s teamwork, knowing that lives depend on how well we do our jobs together. And it’s simple decency, we understand that our clinical skills go a long way toward caring for our patients, but a kind word and compassion can go even further.

Are you capable?

Our unique field of work attracts a special kind of talent. You must have emergency medical and/or critical care experience, that’s a given. But you also must be able to think on your feet and be confident in the decisions you make. Are you able to quickly assess an emergency situation and work with others to solve problems as they arise? The level of maturity required here cannot be stressed enough.

Are you committed?

In the words of one of our MedFlight partners, “We’re part of a team that all works together to save a life.” Simply stated and very true. A commitment to the patients entrusted to our care is rooted in our commitment to one another as a team. We’re a close-knit bunch: we understand one another’s capabilities and know we can count on each other in any situation. We are called on to do extraordinary things every day, and we’re fully aware that the team is what makes it happen.

Are you compassionate?

Maybe that’s not a question you are asked very often, but at MedFlight, we believe compassion is a fundamental value of people who provide the best medical care. You have a sincere desire to help others but you also have an instinct for saying and doing the right things when a crisis is at hand.

Whether you are assigned to one of our Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICUs) or our Helicopters, you should know that the same standard of performance applies.

The people who are happiest here are competent in their profession, confident in the services they provide, and are genuine about the people they care for. To apply to join our team, please fill out the attached application, detach, and mail

Are you one of us? We hope so. Thank you for wanting to be part of our team.

Familial Partners

It is against policy for two individuals who meet the definition of being Immediate Family Members* from being employed by MedFlight. (Includes independent contractors, consultants or leased employees who perform services for MedFlight) No employment offers will be extended to any Immediate Family Member of a current partner. If two current partners come to meet the definition of Immediate Family Members (i.e., due to marriage, personal relationship, etc.) one of the partners will be asked to resign. If neither partner volunteers to resign, management will terminate one of the partners at management’s discretion.

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Smoking and Tobacco Use

MedFlight is a tobacco and smoke-free organization. Use of tobacco products, including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and pipes is prohibited within all MedFlight and on all MedFlight owned, occupied or leased property, including parking lots, and MedFlight owned or leased vehicles. Compliance with this tobacco and smoke-free policy is mandatory for all partners and persons visiting the organization, with no exceptions.

Partners are prohibited from the use of all tobacco products while on duty at any time.

Contact the Human Resources Team:
E-mail: hrteam@medflight.com