Landing Zone Lectures

Safety begins from the very beginning and that includes securing a safe landing zone (LZ) for our helicopters. Our healthcare partners can arrange for a Landing Zone Lecture, offering continuing education credit, while enhancing safety and familiarity with our helicopter. Note: Multiple department/agency lectures are encouraged to reduce outreach costs. In order to arrange for a landing zone lecture, please complete the on-line registration request . A business development associate will contact you at the number listed on the registration to arrange for a landing zone lecture.

Landing Zone Setup

Landing Zone Setup

  • LZ area should be free of obstructions. Elminate these hazards:
    • Wires (surrounding the landing area and High Tension power lines within 1/2 mile
    • Towers (TV, Radio, Cellular within 1/2 mile)
    • Trees
    • Signs and Poles
    • Buildings
    • Vehicles
    • People
  • LZ area should be 100' X 100' if possible.
  • LZ should have as little of a slope as possible (less than 5 degrees).
  • LZ area should be a hard surface (concrete, asphalt, gravel, lawns, etc.).
  • LZ corners should be marked with highly visible devices (cones, flairs, strobes).
  • No debris on landing surface and within 100' of landing area.
  • Land the helicopter(s) a safe distance from the scene/patient.
  • Never point bright lights directly at the aircraft!
  • Maintain security of the LZ while the helicopter is present.

Landing Zone Briefing

  • Type of LZ surface and size.
  • How LZ is marked (cones, flairs, strobes, etc.).
  • All noted obstructions (see list above).


  • Never asssume the flight crew will see a hazard.
  • Never approach the helicopter unless directed by the flight crew.

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