Advantage of Safety

Industry leaders MedFlight, Medcare and AirMed have joined forces to create a plan to protect you and your family in the event of life-threatening injury or illness.

Why Join MedFlight Advantage or MedFlight Advantage Global?

  • An out-of-town hospitalization can leave a family member alone and stranded far from home. Parents, partners or other relations must make hasty, expensive travel plans to be with the hospitalized person and arrange transport back home. A medical helicopter flight can cost upwards of $20,000; an international air medical evacuation can cost upwards of $200,000.
  • MedFlight Advantage and MedFlight Advantage Global memberships help alleviate this stress by getting the family member back to your hometown or doctor-recommended hospital.

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When you require Ohio medical transport in MedFlight’s service area, MedFlight Advantage gets you and your family to an appropriate hospital as quickly as possible while providing the highest levels of care and comfort.

Why Join MedFlight Advantage or MedFlight Advantage Global?

  • Ohio’s largest non-profit membership program with hospital oversight
  • Comprehensive helicopter, mobile ICU and MedCare Ambulance medical travel
  • No deductibles or claim forms
  • Coverage at home and while traveling
  • A higher level life-saving service
  • Automatic “no-hassle” renewal
  • Individual/Family $69.99/yearly

Advantage Global

As a MedFlight Advantage Global member, you can rest assured that the highest quality medical transport services are ready for you whether you’re close to home or on the other side of the globe

  • State-of-the art Jet services for Advantage Global Members that need national or international transport, outside Ohio
  • Plus, comprehensive helicopter, mobile ICU and MedCare Ambulance medical travel in MedFlight’s service area
  • No deductibles or claim forms
  • Coverage at home and while traveling
  • A higher level life-saving service
  • Automatic “no-hassle” renewal
  • Individual $269.99/yearly
    An Advantage Global individual membership includes Advantage plan family coverage (MedFlight’s Ohio service area) for a partner and up to five dependent children up to the age of 26.
  • Family $369.99/yearly

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Do you have more questions? We would love to help! Check out the FAQ above or call us toll free at (855) 632-3884 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm Eastern time and we would be happy to assist you.

MedFlight Advantage FAQs


Transportation Membership Benefits Application & Related Membership

Transportation Questions

  1. How do I request a MedFlight Advantage transport?

    In the case of a medical emergency always call local emergency medical services (EMS) first.* Depending on your condition and location, local EMS will determine if transport is necessary and the best available option. You or a family member may inform local EMS responders or the hospital staff of your MedFlight Advantage membership and ask that they contact MedFlight. You may contact MedFlight Advantage dispatch with questions at any time, day or night, including holidays and weekends, at 1-855-632-3884.

    *911 in most US cities

  2. If I’m very ill or in a serious accident and I call MedFlight first, what will happen?

    The MedFlight dispatcher will advise you to hang up and dial 911 or call other local emergency medical services. MedFlight is not a local “911” service provider. We are an extension of first responders. MedFlight can only arrive at an accident scene AFTER local emergency medical services (EMS) have deemed a patient transport as medically necessary and a safe and secure landing zone has been established with the assistance of local public safety officials.

  3. Who decides when a medical transport is necessary and what method is used?

    The attending physician or local emergency medical services (EMS) must first declare that transport is medically necessary. MedFlight Advantage members can inform the attending physician or EMS of their membership and desire to be transported by MedFlight. If appropriate, it can reduce financial risk to the patient because of the membership and MedFlight provides a very high quality of care. However, the attending physician or EMS may determine that another medical transport method is closer or otherwise preferable to a MedFlight transport. In this case the transport will not be covered by your MedFlight Advantage membership. It is important to remember that in a life-or-death situation, the medical professionals closest to the patient are best equipped to make life-saving decisions. The patient’s health is the first priority and always takes precedence over MedFlight Advantage membership.

  4. What does Medical Necessity mean?

    Medical Necessity is a term used in regard to a patient’s condition and the care necessary for survival, limiting further physical harm, or enhancing the odds for a complete recovery. Medical Necessity status in regard to medical transport is determined by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel or an attending physician.

  5. What happens if I’m transported by a non-MedFlight helicopter to a local hospital for emergency care, but I want to get back to my hometown hospital, or I need advanced care at another hospital further away?

    If the doctor at the hospital you or your family member goes to first deems it medically necessary that you receive medical care at another hospital, that transport is covered by MedFlight Advantage. If you are stabilized at the first hospital but will require continuing critical care and would like to receive care in your hometown, that transport will be covered by MedFlight Advantage, providing the attending doctor clears you for transport to an appropriate hospital.

  6. What happens if I don’t have a MedFlight Advantage membership and I need air medical transport?

    MedFlight can still arrange for transport, but air and/or ground transportation expenses would be assumed by the patient and his/her insurance. After transport, the patient would be encouraged and eligible to purchase a MedFlight Advantage membership. It takes 7 days for a MedFlight Advantage Membership to become active.

  7. I frequently ski in the Rockies. Suppose I have a severe orthopedic injury, and I want to fly to Boston for specialized care. Will MedFlight Advantage Global fly me to Boston rather than to my hometown?

    As long as you’re hospitalized as an inpatient and will be admitted as an inpatient to a facility more than 150 miles away, as a MedFlight Advantage Global member, it is your option to be flown to any specialty facility within the contiguous United States and Canada.

  8. What if I become injured or ill during a trip, but not severely enough to require medical transport?

    Day or night, including weekends and holidays, MedFlight Advantage members can call our toll-free number (or call collect from overseas) and consult with one of our communications specialist. If deemed a non-emergency medical transport, an AirMed medical communicator will help find an experienced, English-speaking doctor so you can recover as quickly as possible.

  9. How ill or injured must I be to be eligible for medical airplane transport?

    MedFlight Advantage Global members must be hospitalized over 150 miles from your home and unable to travel by commercial means, such as an airplane, cruise ship or rental car.

  10. What if I am pregnant, or we have a new baby?

    For the safety of the mother and unborn child, MedFlight Global Advantage national and international air travelers may only be transported by an AirMed airplane until the 27th week of pregnancy (through the second trimester). If farther along, we can help pregnant members find the best medical care at the location. Under many circumstances, if the baby is born with complications, we can transport both mother and child and another family member to the hospital of their choice.

  11. Will a MedFlight Global Advantage membership transport the injured/sick person’s traveling companion as well?

    If space allows, a traveling companion(s) and one small piece of luggage may accompany the transport patient aboard a medical airplane.

  12. Why is it important that MedFlight and AirMed have their own staff and fleet of dedicated aircraft?

    MedFlight helicopters and AirMed jet airplanes are specially designed for air medical transport. Our pilots, doctors, nurses and paramedics, and communicators that dispatch them, are trained in air medicine and have the experience and logistical ability to handle the most complicated situations at altitude or on the ground.

  13. I have a MedFlight Global Advantage membership. What if I am far from an AirMed aircraft?

    When it makes sense, we coordinate with the best international rescue teams in other countries to get a member stabilized while an official AirMed aircraft, doctor and trauma nurse are en route to the location. We have bases in multiple cities so it’s safe to say we’ll be there within a few hours.

  14. Does my MedFlight Global Advantage membership cover me in every country?

    American civilians and registered aircraft (including ours) are not currently allowed into Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea or Libya. Some countries can be banned from service. Check the AirMed website at to check for updates regarding approved countries for service.

  15. What about ground ambulance service?

    MedFlight Advantage membership benefits cover ground transport by MedFlight mobile intensive care units (MICUs), and MedCare advanced life support (ALS) and basic life support (BLS) ambulances. The MedFlight Advantage Global membership also covers ambulance service from whatever hospital you are in to the AirMed plane, and from the AirMed plane at your destination to the receiving hospital. An AirMed medical doctor and/or nurse will accompany you until you are fully checked in. Some MedCare Ambulance Services are limited to 100% coverage for one transport annually, with discounts after 1 annual use. See the terms and conditions at or review the terms and conditions in your membership packet. Terms and conditions are subject to change so check them regularly.

  16. A MedFlight Advantage member needing transport will have their insurance billed for that transport, but not be responsible for a deductible, co-cay, or out-of-pocket expenses. Members without private insurance will receive a 50% discount on services. Is that correct?

    Yes, that is correct.


Membership Benefit Questions

  1. Why would I choose a MedFlight Advantage membership over other medical transport memberships?

    MedFlight Advantage covers the costs of multiple layers of medical transport for you and your family. MedFlight critical care helicopter & mobile intensive care units (MICU); MedCare advanced & basic life support ambulances, and Advantage Global’s national & international transport via AirMed medical airplanes. No other medical transport membership offers this range of complete non-profit ground and air coverage. The membership cost is a great value considering the range of protection and high quality of care. When you join MedFlight Advantage you also become a member of Ohio’s most established, professional and comprehensive medical transport organization.

    MedFlight is a non-profit organization governed by our nationally-recognized member hospitals: Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University, OhioHealth Hospitals, and Akron General Medical Center. MedFlight is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems.

    MedCare Ambulance is a subsidiary of MedFlight and adheres to the same high standards of professionalism and quality care. MedCare provides advanced life support (ALS) and basic life support (BLS) ambulance services.

    National and international air medical services are provided by our air medical airplane partners at AirMed International. AirMed has been chosen as the airplane provider for the top hospitals in the world, is a contracted carrier for the US Department of Defense, and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems.

  2. What benefits come with each membership level?

    MedFlight Advantage: Around Ohio… Depending on your insurance coverage, a medical helicopter flight can cost upwards of $20,000 in out-of-pocket expenses. MedFlight Advantage members pay no out-of-pocket fees for air or ground transport by MedFlight helicopter or mobile intensive care unit (MICUs), or MedCare Ambulance advanced life support (ALS) and basic life support (BLS) service. MedFlight will accept a member’s insurance carrier contribution as full payment. *

    MedFlight Advantage Global: Across the country, around the World… An international air medical evacuation can cost upwards of $200,000. Depending on your insurance coverage, you could be responsible for a significant portion of that cost. Additionally, bureaucratic red tape and travel documentation can cause unnecessary delays that impact quality of care and outcomes. AirMed expedites any required travel. documentation and gets you home to your healthcare system as quickly as possible while providing the highest quality care and comfort en-route.

    MedFlight Advantage Global membership covers all of a member’s national and international** air medical transport costs and ambulance transport to and from the airport.* MedFlight Advantage Global membership also includes all the Ohio and local benefits of the MedFlight Advantage plan.

    *Exclusions apply. See full Terms & Conditions at *Excluding, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and North Korea.

  3. How is MedFlight Advantage different from travel insurance?

    Some premium credit card companies offer “emergency evacuation” coverage, which delivers a patient to “the nearest appropriate facility,” not the patient’s hometown health care system. This leaves the patient stranded for days, weeks or months in unfamiliar territory, and, depending on your coverage, liable for out-of-network healthcare charges. MedFlight Advantage gets the patient back home, close to family members and familiar health care providers.

    Most travel insurance does not cover domestic travel close to home, or is only good for one specific trip. MedFlight Advantage provides coverage even in your own hometown, year-round.

  4. Does this affect my health insurance coverage?

    No. However, hospitalization and related medical expenses are subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of your health plan.

  5. If a person signs up for MedFlight Advantage prior to their 75th birthday does the benefit expire once they turn 75?

    Their membership benefits would continue through the remainder of their benefit year; however, they would not be able to renew.

  6. If a person signs up for MedFlight Advantage, do they have the option to upgrade to MedFlight Advantage Global prior to renewal?

    The member can upgrade at any time during their membership; however, the membership will not be prorated. Their membership year would start fresh at the time of the upgrade purchase.

  7. If a person signs up for MedFlight Advantage Global Individual, can they upgrade to MedFlight Advantage Global Family prior to renewal?

    Yes they can. A membership can be upgraded at any time; however, the membership will not be prorated and their membership year will start fresh at the time of purchase

  8. MedCare benefits include 20% bill reduction in certain situations. Is the 20% reduction applied to the total bill, prior to insurance payment, or is it applied to the balance due?

    The reduction is applied to the total bill.

  9. An Advantage Global individual membership includes MedFlight Advantage benefits as well as the global coverage. Is my family included in the MedFlight Advantage portion of the benefit?

    Yes, an Advantage Global individual membership also includes Advantage plan family coverage (Ohio local coverage).


Application & Related Membership Questions

  1. Do I have to be in perfect health to qualify for membership?

    No. In fact, we do not need any information about your current or past health status on our membership application. However, individuals who are hospitalized at the time of enrollment are not eligible for transport services for that hospitalization. Some restrictions regarding organ transplants are also found in our Terms & Conditions.

  2. May I give MedFlight Advantage membership as a gift?

    Yes. A MedFlight Advantage membership is a valuable gift for newlyweds on a honeymoon, new retirees, students going out of their hometown or abroad, or any traveling executive.

  3. My daughter is going on a study abroad program. Can she be a MedFlight Global Advantage member?

    Yes. If you have MedFlight Global Advantage membership and she is a full-time student aged 19 to 23, your daughter is automatically covered for up to 90 days anywhere in the world. If her program has her staying longer than 90 days outside the U.S. or Canada, you may purchase a Student Abroad Plan for emergency medical transportation that covers students between the ages of 15 to 26 (see for more details).

  4. My company would like to add the MedFlight Global Advantage program as an attractive recruiting benefit. Do you offer group discounts?

    Yes. Please call MedFlight Advantage at 1-877-633-3598 to discuss a cost-effective rate structure. You can also email us at

  5. I am being transferred to my company’s overseas office for two years. Is my family eligible for MedFlight Advantage Global membership?

    Yes. However, the rates are different for medical transportation memberships when you live outside the United States or Canada for more than 90 consecutive days. Please contact us for more information.

  6. Who can become a MedFlight Advantage program member?

    Ohio residents over 18 and up to the age of 75 and residing within MedFlight’s service area can become a MedFlight Advantage member. MedFlight Advantage Global is available to all US residents over 18 and up to the age of 75. No health screening is required. Medicaid recipients are ineligible for membership as coverage is redundant and will provide no benefit.

  7. I can’t get the website to come up; what do I do?

    Please call MedFlight Advantage at 1-855-632-3884, Monday – Friday between 8am – 5pm EST.

  8. I don’t have internet access, how do I sign up?

    Please call MedFlight Advantage at 1-855-632-3884, Monday – Friday between 8am – 5pm EST.

  9. I didn’t get a confirmation that my payment went through. What do I do?

    Please email us at A membership specialist will forward you a copy of your receipt.

  10. I can’t print my receipt; will one be mailed to me?

    Please email us at A membership specialist will forward you a copy of your receipt.

  11. I have lost my card, can I get another one?

    You can log in to the MedFlight Advantage member website to request a replacement card or additional member cards.

  12. Can I get additional cards?

    You can logon to the MedFlight Advantage member website to request additional member cards.

  13. How is my bill handled?

    If you receive a MedFlight transport bill, please contact MedFlight Advantage at 1-855-632-3884 Monday – Friday between 8am – 5pm EST.

  14. I am in a car accident waiting for EMS to respond. Can I sign up for membership before the first responders arrive?

    You can sign up for a membership at anytime, however, member benefits will not be activated until 72 hours after your initial payment has been processed.

  15. Can I sign up for membership at a MedFlight base?

    Membership brochures are available at our bases; however, your membership cannot be processed at the base. The membership brochure explains how to become a member online, over the phone, or by US mail. We suggest that you go on-line for quick and easy registration.

  16. The Terms & Conditions define a partner as, “a living arrangement in which an unmarried couple lives together in a long-term relationship that resembles marriage”. How is long-term defined? Must the couple have a shared financial account? Must both names be on the mortgage or lease? Is there a distinction between a “live-in girlfriend/boyfriend” and a “partner”?

    If asked to demonstrate proof of residence the “partner” must show definitive evidence that they reside at the residence of the principle member. Evidence might include but not be limited to mortgage, financial accounts, tax returns filed jointly, insurance coverage of both partners, etc. Furthermore, they must be added or be part of the members original membership documentation and records prior to utilization. As noted in the terms and conditions, the program has discretion whether to extend the membership to any other individual besides the principle member.

  17. MedFlight Advantage and MedFlight Advantage Global Family cover 5 dependents. What options exist to cover over 5 dependent children?

    Due to the “risk” taken by the Advantage program if utilized beyond the member, if other family members need the membership beyond 6 (including the principle member), they must buy another membership to cover more than 5 dependents.