Our People

MedFlight crew members render the best medical care possible. Our nurse-paramedic teams work under protocols developed by recognized leaders in trauma, cardiovascular medicine and pediatrics and are directly supervised by our Medical Control Physicians.

Each nurse has extensive critical care experience in hospital intensive care units, cardiac care units or emergency departments. Our paramedics have extensive experience with local fire/EMS agencies. Many paramedics also work as adjunct staff for hospitals.

All MedFlight clinical crew members train and test through annual core competencies and real life care, while continuing to achieve the most advanced skills possible in critical care medicine. Their training never stops.

Partners for Life

When life is on the line, it becomes all the more precious. Every day, emergency response and medical workers battle conditions that may damage or destroy life.

We daily confront seemingly insurmountable situations, and somehow overcome them. We fight time, weather, the limits of medical technology and human endurance to bring people back from the edge to help make them whole again. None of us could hope to overcome these elements alone, yet together we manage to overcome them daily.

MedFlight is proud to work with physicians, firefighters, law enforcement officers, nurses, communications and emergency medical personnel, and others to create extraordinary outcomes for people whose lives are on the line.